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Products & Solutions

Discover and learn about some of the products and innovative solutions exhibitors at Light Middle East provide. 

Discover smart LED grow lights from OSRAM

OSRAM product

Ongoing light research, sensor technology, and cloud computing will allow horticulture professionals to meet the increasing demands of today’s consumers. OSRAM, as a leader in lighting technology, is at the forefront of advancements in plant lighting with everything from LED grow lights to complete solutions. OSRAM works closely with industry and research professionals to provide products and systems that optimize crop development, allowing reliable supply to industries such as retail food and flower markets, food processing facilities, and pharmaceuticals.

Discover more about OSRAM's horticulture lighting solutions here

LED light for Industrial Use, by LUCECO

industrial lighting by luceco

Light in buildings where we live and work is essential to our wellbeing and productivity. With increasing pressure for buildings to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient, the choice of lighting products has to be carefully considered.

Warehouses, manufacturing plants, storage rooms, loading areas and car parks often have low levels of natural light. When lighting an industrial environment, the lighting designer has to consider the processes taking place, the risks involved and safety of personnel. 

Learn more about Luceco's industrial lighting solutions here

Outdoor Lighting Solutions, by GECEM Lighting

GECEM Lighting outdoor

Outdoor lighting projects may demand various and different functionalities from the product. Outdoor products are to be expected to witstand the hard conditions of nature while resisting cold winter weather and very extreme summer heat including dusty and wet environments. You can feel the realtime effect of GECEM’s Outdoor Lighting systems as astonishing as they light up and bring the remarkable curvatures and lines of buildings, monuments and statues out into the night.   GECEM Lighting provides the long lasting and energy efficient products for outdoor lighting projects where it brings the estetic curves and positive perspectives into life. Explore outdoor lighting products from GECEM Lighting

ALPHA - Ourdoor Spotlight & Floodlight Solutions

alpha light by unilamp

Solution by Unilamp

ALPHA is a completely new family of outdoor spot lights engineered from scratch. High quality optical lens provide accurate beam control and offer a wide selection of light distributions. ALPHA can be customized with accessories such as color filters, honeycombs, shields and various mounting solutions for poles and surfaces. Learn more here

P.U.K. Outdoor Lighting Solutions

PUK lighting outdoor

Outdoor lighting is by definition one of the most challenging and competitive sectors and demands the highest quality products and services: innovative solutions, technical excellence, design flexibility and consistent performance. P.U.K. are open to constant technological upgrades (from miniaturisation to LEDs) and strive to improve the quality and reliability of their range. They produce one of the most complete and competitive world-class collections available in the international LED market. Discover some of thier leading outdoor lighting solutions here

X1 LED Path Lighting, by Beachside Lighting

path lighting

The X1 is a solid brass directional mini bollard / pathlight, ideal for heavy traffic locations.   The luminaire can be rotated and the cone of light can be aimed down or out, and can include additional shielding. Read more about this product here

iCOMFORT, by 3Brothers

iCOMFORT 3 brothers lighting products

Glare and the choice of downlights have been the architects and interior designers’ problem with lighting units. Glare in itself is a discomfort that no designer can allow. The choice of a unique downlight without ruining the beauty of the ceiling has been always a challenge to any designer . With the iComfort family, 3Brothers are introducing a glare free unnoticeable down lighting solution for the first time in the MENA region. Learn more about this product here

Custom healthcare and hospital lighting solutions

Customer healthcare and hospital lighting solutions

Applications and solutions by GECEM Lighting

In today’s world, it is known that hospital lighting does not only mean as emitting light for ambient lighting. Medical studies show that the correct lighting is playing an important role on patients’ recovery progress. Meantime, we all know that the doctors and healthcare professionals have very intense working conditions. Having known that; correct lighting has an important role while helping to provide a dynamic work environment to the doctors and healthcare professionals who are in need of efficient work environment under intense working conditions. GECEM provide custom lighting solutions to health care facilities globally.

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