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Product Groups

The wide range of products showcased at Light Middle East is divided into 6 key segments, which you can discover below.

Technical & Architectural Lighting

exterior building lighting

Technical lighting/Architectural Lighting covers cutting edge design in lighting systems to further the design of architecture or the experience of buildings and other physical structures.

Products being presented include:

Exterior / Street lighting, Internal lights for industry and business, office/Administration, lighting control, light management, light measurement, accessories and lighting for special applications (Emergency, safety and security, hospital installation units, sport / multipurpose, stage, cinema, plant illumination, Traffic sign illumination, light chains, solar powered, fibre optics)

Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting

A showcase of modern and classic decorative designs, these high-style products receive full attention from our experienced audience of lighting professionals.

Products being presented include:

Ceiling lights, Chandeliers, Table lamps, Wall lamps, Crystal lights, Porcelain luminaires, Down lights, Spots, Standard lamps, surface mounted and recessed lights, exterior lights and accessories 

Home & Building Automation

Home & Building Automation

Home & Building Automation features brands that provides personalized automation and control solutions that allows you to control virtually any device in a home or business, automatically.

Products being presented include:

Dimmers, Switches and Sockets, Sensors and Metering, Single room controls, building systems, Shading systems, climate controls, access controls

Electric Lamps

lamp lighting

This section will focus on the different types of light bulbs with the constant advancement towards lamps that can produce more light and less heat.

Products being presented include:

Accessories and blanks for electric lamps, lamp glass, Discharge lamps, Incandescent lamps, LED lamps, Smart lamps and light sources

LED Lighting

LED light

The introduction of LED technology is changing the lighting industry. This is the largest section at Light Middle East representing more than 200 exhibitors.

Products being presented include:

LED converters, LED exterior and interior lights, LED fittings, LED illuminated advertising signs, LED modules, LED strips, Organic LED, OLED modules, Secondary Optics and lenses

Electrical and electronic components

Home and Building Automation

Presenting the most exceptional development in sources, drivers, optics, thermal products, retrofit kits and innovative materials. This sectiom will feature products and innovations maximizing efficiency, energy savings and safer buildings.

Products being presented include:

Lamp holders, operating gear, ballasts, Ignitors, Transformers, LED holders, sensors, Drivers, PCB, Circuit Board, Dimmers, Switches, Wires & Cables

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