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A FREE-to-attend educational platform for the entire industry. 20+ speakers and sessions, over three days, all in one location.

About the THINKLIGHT Forum

Light Middle East hosts three days of extensive conference sessions on the show floor, enabling you to hear best practices, case studies, standards, regulations and learn about the latest innovations and engage in panel discussions

Speakers are drawn from big players in the built environment and will explore the role of innovative technology and design in achieving their professional objectives.

  • Professional lighting Design & Architecture
  • Lighting applications: Case Study & Research
  • IoT & Intelligent Lighting
  • Integrated Building Technology

Who should attend? 

Lighting Designers, Lighting Specifiers, Architects, Interior Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers, Light Manufacturers, Consultants, Engineers, Urban Planners and Property Developers, Environment and Sustainability Consultants, Suppliers and Distributors.

Content tracks at THINKLIGHT 2019

Professional lighting design & Architecture Forum is dedicated to Architectural Lighting Design with the sole purpose of promoting the art, science and culture of professional lighting design. The forum will address topics of concern and interest to lighting designers and lighting professionals, inviting them to expand their knowledge, exchange ideas and network on a platform that goes beyond national boundaries and regional associations’ work.

lighting design upgrade
  • Design with LED Technology for Interior Designers
  • The Poetics of Darkness
  • Bridging the Concept and Content of Lighting Design
  • Lighting Quality Metrics for Products and Projects
  • Lighting in an IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) Process
  • Guidelines for Specifying Light Fixtures in WELL Projects: What to Consider and What to Avoid
  • Rethinking The Ceiling: A Lighting Perspective
  • Get a Grip On Color Science
  • Spec It Like You Mean It: How to Make Sure You Get What You Want and What You Need
  • Transcending the Bowl – Stadium Lighting Beyond the Field
  • Starving for Darkness – Impact of Light Pollution
  • In the Dark: Emergency Lighting Requirements
  • Integrating Circadian/WELL Simulation into Lighting Design Decisions
  • Design Implications of Circadian Lighting
  • Designing Supportive Environments for Low Vision: Effective Tools and Techniques
  • Horticulture LED Lighting Solutions
  • Integration of Acoustic Control in Lighting Fixtures
  • Time is Money: Examining the Lighting Design and Manufacturer Relationship
  • Women and Leadership

Whether it is new construction, renovation or a retrofit, any projects going on within your facilities requires much time and dedication from you and your team. Sessions within this focus area will highlight new trends and innovations, case studies on successful projects, and tactical methods to successfully complete these projects.

lighting design upgrade
  • How Workplace Design Can Enhance Company Culture & Values
  • Creating Facilities for the Next Generations of Students
  • Smart Cities and their Effect on Facility Management
  • Successful Execution of Capital Projects
  • Lighting Controls 101: Codes, Energy Efficiency, Occupancy Sensors, Whole Building Systems, Dimmers
  • How Understanding Health in Buildings Can Influence Action
  • Preparing Intelligent Buildings for Immersive, Personalized Experiences Through Practical Network Infrastructure Design
  • Navigating the Changing Landscape of Building Management
  • Drone Mapping and Laser Scanning: Transforming Facilities Management
  • New Connectivity Solutions for Old Power, Space and Cooling Problems
  • Leveraging Construction Specifications and Standards for Sustainable Purchasing
  • Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx) for New Construction
  • Top Facility Challenges and How to Address Them Utilizing a Documented EBCx Process

The introduction of LED technology is changing the lighting industry from analogue to digital. Tech Talk area will focus on growing the market by stimulating more intelligence, controls, sensors, and dimming. As buildings become ‘smarter’ and need to operate as connected ecosystems, lighting will become the backbone of an intelligent building. 

IOT lighting light me
  • Do wireless, connected, IoT ready devices actually add value or do they create complexity?
  • Impact of Solid-State Lighting on Health & Safety
  • How can the latest “Internet of Things” technology improve life safety, productivity & Compliance?
  • Bridging the Uncanny Valley - Enhancing the User Experience of Smart Lighting 
  • What's So Smart About Smart Lighting Control Systems? 
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dimming LEDs 
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Lighting - Enabling Integrated, Automated Buildings
  • Applying Wireless Technologies in Smart Buildings 
  • Introduction to LiFi
  • Why “Compatibility” is the Magic Word in Controlling LEDs
  • Smart Lights with Machine Learning for Smart Living
  • Best practices in Wireless Lighting Controls
  • Tunable Lighting Systems for Optimal Health in Humans & Plants
  • Getting What You Want in Your Next Connected Lighting Installation
  • Human Centric Lighting for Top Performance: Learnings from Light Stimulation of world class athletes
  • Horticultural Lighting: Advantages of using full spectrum

Integrated Building Technology Forum has been established to identify long-term energy, environmental, economic, and technological issues, assess their potential effect on existing buildings, and creating the latest generation of smart buildings. Visitors will gain information they need to arrive at an informed decision on how to make their buildings more economic for owners and more functional for occupiers.

To do this requires adding intelligence from the design phase through to the end of the building's useful life. Smart buildings use information technology during operation to connect subsystems, which typically operate independently, so that these systems can share information to optimize total building performance. 

IOT lighting light me
  • The Future of Digital Buildings
  • Smart Buildings: Smart Experience: ‘From Concept to Reality'
  • Buildings need to be alive before they can be smart: Towards a Next-Gen IoT Ecosystem
  • Panel 'In-Building Wireless. How connected is connected enough?'
  • The Connected Hotel Guestroom
  • Specifications for Interoperability and Systems Integration
  • Tech for the Next-Level of Design
  • A Highly-Connected Smart HVAC Program
  • Selecting and Deploying IoT Platforms on Lighting and HVAC Infrastructure
  • Connectivity: The Key to Making Your Building SMART
  • Smart Buildings for smart Businesses: How IoT Technology evolution transforms buildings into operational assets
  • Simplifying IoT in Healthcare facilities and workplaces
  • Smart Buildings in the Future: Making existing buildings smarter
  • Tech for the Next-Level of Design

2018 THINKLIGHT speakers

Alex Cunningham

Alex Cunningham

Associate Director., Benoy

Dan Hodgson

Dan Hodgson

Lighting Applications, Director, acdc

Darren Orrow

Darren Orrow

Director, Into Lighting

David Dunn

David Dunn

Lighting Expert Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi City Municipalities

David Lessard

David Lessard

Design Director, H+A

Elisa Rodriguez

Elisa Rodriguez

Studio Leader, Rockwell Group

Isabel Pintado

Isabel Pintado

Senior Vice President and Managing Director Middle East & Africa Wilson Associates

Mehran Hashemi

Mehran Hashemi

CEO, TradeLum Co.

Dr. Mario Rossi

Dr. Mario Rossi

Principal, ambientStudio,Ltd.

Martin Klaasen

Martin Klaasen

Founder & Director, Klaasen Lighting Design

Martin Valentine Global Design Director LIGMAN

Martin Valentine

Global Design, Director, LIGMAN

Michael David Lewis

Michael David Lewis

Senior Director - Design Studio, Studio M

Sergio Padula

Sergio Padula

Technical Director, iGuzzini Middle East

Vibhor Sogani

Vibhor Sogani

Director, Sogani Studios

Walter Parmiani

Walter Parmiani

Principal Engineer, UL

2018 Advisory Committee

Benjamin Heydon

Benjamin Heydon, Landscape Consultant

Benjamin Heydon is a Landscape Consultant to the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City and has worked in the specialist field of landscape architecture for over 15-years as a project manager, designer, planner and advisory roles.

His experience has been generated through extensive exposure to unique environments which has seen him work in Canada, Middle East, Australia and Africa, for both public and private sector clients. He has worked on a variety of projects from strategic frameworks, technical documentation, place-making development and landscape design.

Kristin Lee

Kristin Lee, Chair and Associate Professor of Interior Design

My undergraduate degree is in Women’s Studies, and that perspective has shaped how I view design. I am drawn to design as a balance of creativity and practicality, and that practicality can have a huge impact on people’s well-being.

I’ve worked on projects ranging from senior living to healthcare to large scale residential. How space impacts those who inhabit it is why I love design, and by teaching I get to share that
Teaching allows me to connect with the next generation, and is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. At AUD, we really do achieve a dialogue; it is a mutually beneficial relationship. Human’s experience of space happens on so many levels, we receive signals that we’re not even aware of. For many segments of the population, designing that space with the help of research will have positive results and better outcomes. This is the power of design.

Eleni Savvidou

Eleni Savvidou, Design Director

With a strong background in Architectural Lighting Design, Eleni recently joined Delta Lighting Design from New York City, USA. Eleni started her Lighting career in 1995 after graduating from Electrical Engineering, and Acoustics as a theatrical and TV Lighting designer. Her involvement in the Goulandris Museum in Athens Greece as a specifications and construction Engineer led her to New York in 2001. She received a Master’s in Acoustics form Aristotle Polytechnic University and a Maters of Fine arts in Lighting Design from Parson's School of Design in New York. She worked 7 years in New York as a senior lighting designer at L’Observatoire International. She completed projects in USA, New York, Boston, St Louis, MI, Richmond, VA, Nantucket, MA, Puerto Rico, Paris, France, and Singapore. Her expertise has been in Performing Arts Centers, Museums, Hospitality, Large Shopping Malls and Boutique Retail. Eleni was involved with the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Lincoln Center Alice Tully Hall, Museum of Moving Image, Julliard Music and Performing Arts School in New York, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in VA.
Eleni has received multiple design awards through her career. In 2010, Eleni is a started her own lighting design company with projects in USA, Germany, Greece, India and Australia. Her expertise is mainly high end residential, galleries, private yachts and art installations. Eleni has been has been teaching Lighting, Sound and Video at the School of Journalism, Aristotle University in Greece, technical lighting and calculations at Parsons School of Design, and Lighting Design at the School of Visual arts in New York and been a public speaker for her projects in New York and Dubai. Eleni is a member of Illuminating Engineering Society Organization (IES) since 2001 and Design Lighting Forum Association (DLF).

Courtney Mark

Courtney Mark, Senior Associate

Based out of CD+M Dubai, Senior Associate, Courtney Mark contributes extensive knowledge and experience in international hospitality design to the CD+M team. Ms. Mark’s passion for the interaction between light and shadow as well as her sensitivity to the social aspect of space enable her to develop versatile, intentional architectural lighting designs. Over the past 15 years, she has played a leading role in the design, management and construction of many high profile and award winning projects spanning North America, Central America and Asian markets. Shifting her primary focus to hospitality lighting design in 2007, Ms. Mark has collaborated on projects in a range of markets throughout her career including landscape, master planning, city beautification, commercial and high-end residential. Prior to joining CD+M, Ms. Mark held a Senior Designer position with Reveal Design Group for two years and spent eight years as a Senior Designer and Associate with AWA Lighting Designers, leading the firm’s newest international design studio in New Delhi, India. Her work is frequently published in trade publications across the globe.

Dr. Dolli Daou

Dr. Dolli Daou, Director

Co-initiator of Project initiated in Paris 2014 by Gérard Vallin, Jean Lelay and Jane Smith. An interior designer with a Doctorate qualification in the fields of architecture and urban design with 18 years of teaching, research, quality assurance and leadership experience in interior architecture and in multi-disciplinary global design projects. Due to Dr. Dolli’s academic expertise and strong international alliances she became the Program Director of Interior Architecture and Masters of Interior Design at Swinburne University of Technology, in Australia and in Hong Kong, where she managed the reaccreditation of the program and was able to rebrand the program’s identity nationally and internationally through global projects and through local and international engagement with the interior architecture community. She was also invited to be on the Board of Directors and the Treasurer of the Board for Interior Design Educators Association (IDEA) for Australasia. She has gained great experience in design pedagogy, accreditation and curriculum development working as a reviewer with many international tertiary education quality assurance agencies. Dr. Dolli has completed a Doctorate in Philosophy in the fields of architecture and urban design. Her research explores the effect of war and violence on Beirut, Berlin, Mostar and Sarajevo and examines the city centre as an interior space/container, which transforms according to people's memories and everyday events.

Sakina Dugawalla-Moeller

Sakina Dugawalla-Moeller, Design Director

Borne out of a flair and passion for the creative, Sakina is founder and principal of Light.Func. A gregarious individual and professional designer with extensive experience in the Middle East region spanning 9 years, her passion envelopes all things artistic, with an innate focus on lighting design. Her work is most prominent not only in her professional aspirations but also investing in education and raising the bar of lighting design with fellow peers within the Middle East.

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