IoT & Intelligent Lighting Forum

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The introduction of LED technology is changing the lighting industry from analogue to digital. This Forum will focus on growing the market by stimulating more intelligence, controls, sensors, and dimming. As buildings become ‘smarter’ and need to operate as connected ecosystems, lighting will become the backbone of an intelligent building.

Who should attend? 

Lighting Designers, Lighting Specifiers, Architects, Interior Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers, Light Manufacturers, Consultants, Engineers, Urban Planners and Property Developers, Environment and Sustainability Consultants, Suppliers and Distributors.

Date & Time
16th October, 2019 | 10:30am - 5:00pm
Conference Theatre in Hall 2, Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

Programme for IoT & Intelligent Lighting Forum Wednesday 16th October, 2019

Coffee Break and Networking

11:00am | EXPERIENCE DESIGN: IOT as a bridge to content development in lighting design

Helena Gentili

Nowadays, the so called “smart technology” allows us to create infinite lighting scenarios and users’ interactions. But, are those extensive extraordinary effects really what people demand for a better spatial and social experience?

This presentation reviews the importance of a holistic approach for the content development of a lighting design project and how IOT can be a strong support of this process when experience, design and behaviors are integrated in the equation.

Helena Gentili, Director Lighting Design, Ivory Edge, India

11:30am | Lighting Design of Things: A new breed of lighting designers is emerging to face the challenges of integrating IoT infrastructures with lighting

Martin Klaasen

KLD, has been at the forefront of developing its LDoT (Lighting Design of Things)platform, which is revolutionising the industry.

Martin Klaasen, Founder, Martin Klaasen Lighting Design, Singapore

12:00pm | Creating immersive touchpoints for smart buildings: “It’s not just the lights, sound, temperature, but about people, storytelling, communities and social elements


Martin Klaasen

Typical tools for smart buildings are sensors and interfaces, but if we are really thinking about the performance of the space, then we need to think about the performance of the people in that space

Surbhi Jindal, Founder, Principal Architect & Lighting Designer - DaLightHub Lighting Design & Consultancy, India

12:30pm | Designing with connected lighting – exploring a new framework

Martin Klaasen

As the lighting industry is fast morphing into an Internet of Things (IoT) concept, based on seamless digital interconnectivity across all facets of human life, accelerated innovation is key to survival. Exponential growth in multiple technologies including Bluetooth mesh, real-time data, LiFi, etc. are forcing rapid transformation in the way lighting is being designed. All these paradigm shifts have seriously challenged traditional ways of designing with light. In such a time of rapid change, embracing these agents of change and developing a new framework for designing with connected lighting seems to be a way forward. This lecture therefore explores the application of a framework based on “slow design” in the fast-paced realm of connected lighting.

Dr. Amardeep M Dugar, Founder & Principal, Lighting Research & Design, India

1:00pm | The necessity of security in smart homes and smart buildings - an undervalued topic of highest concern


Christian Stahn

Christian Stahn, Marketing Manager, KNX Association, Belgium

Lunch Break and Networking

2:05pm | Human Centric Lighting: Discussion over the terminology and exploration of useful case studies

Yenal Gul

Did we just start designing spaces for people, or was it always the case? This presentation will review showcases where HCL practices were employed in a meaningful manner, with economic and human wellbeing implications.

Yenal Gul, Head of DLS Sales, Osram Lighting Middle East, UAE

2:25pm |  Panel Discussion: Human Centric Lighting

This panel will discuss why it is important that people get enough quality light every day, also indoors. And we will discuss how we can make it happen that indoor lighting levels is not only focused at vision but also on creating the positive biological effects of human centric lighting.

Panelists to be confirmed soon. Stay tuned!

3:10pm | Saudi Arabia market access : SASO 2902:2018 requirements for LED Luminaires and Fixtures

  • Energy efficiency requirements for lamps, ballast and control gear efficiency, efficacy requirements
  • Functionality/performance
  • Hazardous substances: substance and technology
  • Marking requirements: information to be displayed on the product
  • SASO SLS system requirements for EER Labels.

Duff Yang, Energy Efficiency and Performance testing engineer, Underwriters Laboratory, China

Amr Bashandy, UL SASO EER and IEC EE Program Lead, Underwriters Laboratory, KSA

Duff Yang
Amr Bashandy

3:45pm | Women in Lighting Panel Discussion

Moderators: Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton, Founders, Light Collective, UK


  • Sakina Dugawalla-Moeller, Founder & Design Director, Light.Func, WIL Ambassador, UAE
  • Courtney Mark, Design Director & Founder, STUDIO MARK, UAE
  • Erin Slaviero, Senior Lighting Designer, Nulty Lighting, UAE
  • Patricia Lopez Yanez, Director, Lighting Design, Emaar Development, UAE
  • Elizabeth Valkovics, Design Director, Design Worldwide Partnership, UAE
  • Pauline Dibs, Lighting Designer, Umaya Lighting Design, UAE
  • Regina Santos, Associate, Head of Lighting Design, Godwin Austen Johnson
Sharon stammers
Elizabeth Valkovics
Regina Santos

5:00pm Closing remarks from conference Chair and invitation to The Women in Lighting evening