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07 January, 2021

Gargash: UAE to resume travel, trade ties with Qatar within a week

Resumption of travel, transportation, shipping and trade to be realised within a week

Abu Dhabi: Practical measures aimed at turning a new page with Qatar by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt such as the resumption of travel, transportation, shipping and trade ties will be realised within a week, a top UAE official said on Thursday.

“We want to do this sooner rather than later,”  Anwar Mohammed Gargash, UAE State Minister for Foreign Affairs told a virtual media briefing. “The UAE is extremely supportive and positive about AlUla Declaration,” he noted. However, he said, the UAE is realistic as any crisis will leave issues of trust, some will be easy to fix, but others will take a longer time.“We reiterate the GCC is more successful in its collective common market, rather than politically. So yes, it will take confidence-building. But we are turning a page on the crisis and starting on a positive note to build trust,” Gargash said.

The final communique of the GCC leaders’ summit in the Saudi city of AlULA Summit on Tuesday called for strengthening cooperation in combating terrorist entities, and an emphasis on the unity of the GCC. The statement affirmed “the solidarity of the Gulf states regarding any direct or indirect interference in their internal affairs, and members agreed that no country’s sovereignty be violated or its security targeted,” Gargash explained.

The AlUla summit resulted in turning the page on the past and looking forward to a future dominated by cooperation and respect in a way that preserves the security and stability of states, he stressed. “The communique is significant and an important step towards resolving a difficult and painful crisis. The crisis is coming to an end, which also depends on transparency and constructive approach,” by all, the minister said, adding that the announcement was “big news for the GCC and the wider Arab region.”

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