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Smart Building Summit 2024

The ultimate platform for construction companies, governments, technology firms, and design & engineering firms to collaborate and adapt


The 2nd edition of the Smart Building Summit took place from 16 - 18 January 2024 at Dubai World Trade Centre. The 2024 edition championed the concept of smart buildings as it becomes a reality, shaping our environment for the better. With the global market growth, from $96.96 billion in 2023 to $408.21 billion by 2030, our urban landscape and architectural marvels are witnessing an unraveling evolution in an age marked by rapid technological advancements and a growing commitment to sustainability. The Middle East market is at the forefront of this growth with the major cities known for their benchmark-setting smart buildings, delivering outstanding innovation, ambition and contemporary design.

The conference served as the ultimate platform for experts and visionaries across sectors to explore how cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and intelligent systems are optimizing energy use, enhancing comfort, and promoting sustainability in smart buildings. 

Central Themes : 2024 Edition

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Day 1 | 16 January 2024

  • Smart buildings' potential to reduce emissions and resource consumption.
  • Eco-friendly materials promoting sustainability.
  • COP 28's role in shaping building regulations.
  • Collaborating for successful green building projects.

H.E. Dr. Ali Al Jassim, Chairperson, Emirates Green Building Council

  • Delve into forecasts and predictions for the intelligent buildings market 
  • Exploring how various regions differ in their adoption of intelligent buildings, compliance with regulations, and innovative approaches.

Panel Moderator: Grace Najjar, CEO, Align Management Solutions

Mohamed Ragheb, Chief Development Officer, Azizi Developments
Maher Al Kaabi, Independent Board Member & Advisor, Al Serkal Group
Majd Fayyad, DSM Strategy & Policy Lead, Supreme Council of Energy
Seong-Ik Oh, Director General, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Seoul – South Korea

Tekha Selim, Vice President & Head of MENA Region, International WELL Building Institute

  • Expo City's journey to a smart city. 
  • Sustainable concept integration. 
  • Key results and environmental benefits. 
  • Collaborative efforts with stakeholders and tenants.

Dr. Yianni Spanos, Vice President – Sustainability, Expo City Dubai

  • Addressing the challenges posed by climate change and the need for sustainable urbanism to incorporate resilience and adaptation strategies. 
  • Highlighting examples of resilient infrastructure, green building practices, and disaster risk reduction measures that contribute to sustainable urban development.

Panel Moderator: Grace Najjar, CEO, Align Management Solutions 
Amira Ayoub, Head of MENA Programmes, World Green Building Council
Andre Mourinha, Lead Principal, Atkins
Tamara Bajic, Associate Director – Strategy and Advisory, AESG
Farah Ghanem, Head of Climate Change & Policies Department, Alpin Limited
Eng. Meera Alameri, Head of Research and Building System Approval, Dubai Municipality

  • Mobility Innovation in Smart Buildings
  • Logistics Optimization at Building Level 
  • Climate Change Response in Smart Architecture

Seong-Ik Oh, Director General, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Seoul – South Korea

  • Concept of digital twins and their role in simulating real-world government infrastructure, processes, and systems.
  • Advantages of adopting digital twins in government, such as cost savings, improved decisionmaking, and enhanced citizen services, while also discussing the potential for future applications and growth in this field. 

Dr. Ahmad Altarawneh, Senior Digital Transformation Consultant, Dubai Police

  • Uncover the possibilities of AI-powered building controls, in enhancing energy efficiency and the wellbeing of occupants.
  • Dive into the transition from fixed setpoints to systems that can adapt to accommodate the changing occupancy patterns of a workforce.
  • Gain insights into how AI and machine learning drive optimal energy consumption while prioritizing occupant comfort. - Discover how these advancements are shaping a future, for the construction and management of buildings. Samit Sheth, Digital Transformation Lead, Project & Development Services MEA, JLL
  •  Discover how these advancements are shaping a future, for the construction and management of buildings. 

Samit Sheth, Digital Transformation Lead, Project & Development Services MEA, JLL

  • Leveraging the value of digital twins to plan, build, and maintain entire cities and their components. 
  • Aligning with sustainability goals and reducing the carbon footprint. 
  • Transforming hard work into smart work through the adoption of digital twins.

Dr. Anas Bataw, Technology Partner, Majid Al Futtaim
Juan Tena, Digital Services Director, KEO 

Elisa Hillgen, Lighting Coordinator, City of Jyväskylä, Finland

  • Discuss the importance of collaboration between building owners, technology providers, and service providers.
  • Exploring successful examples of public-private partnerships in the implementation of smart building projects. 
  • Addressing the challenges and benefits of creating an ecosystem of stakeholders for smart buildings. 

Panel Moderator: Grace Najjar, CEO, Align Management Solutions 

Faik Haddadin, Senior Director, Projects, EMAAR
Ahmad Kawakbi, Director, Digital Strategy, ROSHN
Lindsey Malcolm, Associate Director & Sustainability Lead, Turner & Townsend
Piero Pelizzaro, Head of the National Innovation Hub for Public Buildings, Italian State Property Agency
Abdulqader Attia, Additive Manufacturing Hub Lead, Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park

Day 2 | 17 January 2024

  • Assessing the design capabilities of new illustrative packages and their potential to replace human intelligence and skills.
  • Considering the commercial dimension and cost-effectiveness of replacing architects. - Investigating architects' opinions and usage of these new packages.
  • Examining the potential repetition and lack of uniqueness in designs created by AI. 

Joe Tabet, Managing Director & Founder, JT + Partners 

Kourosh Salehi, Design Director, MENA, LWK + Partners
Ahmed El Banawy, Associate Director, Design, Nakheel
Michelle Najm, Director of Architecture, JT + Partners
Dr. Harpreet Seth, Head of Architecture, Heriot Watt University, Dubai
Sophia Kee, Head of Future Ready, WSP

  • An analysis of the increase in vehicle (EV) adoption and its influence on the demand for charging infrastructure. - Examining how residential complexes are adopting EV charging solutions to meet the requirements of their residents.
  • The involvement of property developers in encouraging living by providing charging facilities. 
  • Utilizing data driven insights, from building systems to enhance charging operations and optimize energy usage. 
  • Overcoming logistical obstacles when installing charging infrastructure in existing buildings. 

Abilash Nair, Head – Smart Mobility & Smart Buildings, Al Naboodah Group
Suchitra Sriram, Associate Director, Energy & Environment, Frost & Sullivan

  • Vision 2030 and Giga Project Landscape 
  • Sustainable Urban Design and Technology Integration 
  • Investment Opportunities and Global Impact 

Aisling Guilfoyle, Project Manager, WSP Middle East
Ahmed AbouAlfa, Digital Delivery and Innovation Senior Manager, Diriyah Company

  • Facility Management and Its Integration with Technological Advancements
  • The Intricacies of Complex Systems Within Smart Buildings 
  • Key Takeaways Derived from the Collaborative Synergy Among Facility Managers, Property Managers, and Property Owners

Abdulrahman Mchaweh, Project Management Advisor (Programs Controls and Assets Performance), Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’, Qatar

  • Using Internet of Things (IoT) equipment for real-time observation and data-driven judgment.
  • Improving the occupant experience by putting in place smart lighting, climate control, and security technologies.
  • Evaluate impact of surrounding structures on daylight, noise, etc.
  • Predictive maintenance techniques to increase the endurance of building systems and save downtime. Incorporating alternative energy resources like wind turbines and solar panels.

Carolina Fong Guzzy, Co-Founder / Digital Engineering Manager, Accienta

  • Enabling seamless transitions between physical and virtual realities in the metaverse through unobtrusive human-computer interactions. 
  • Comparing the metaverse to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and examining collaboration possibilities. 

Panel Moderator: Mohamed Eldesouky, BIM Manager, Dewan Architects + Engineers

Andy Boutle, Head of Digital Construction, ALEC
Mohamed Elattar, Director of Planning & Cost Control, Dubai Holding Real Estate
Eliyahu Rapaport, CEO, Global Construction Tech

  • Why transition to ISO 19650, and how the concepts, principles and main clauses were taken from UK 1192
  • UK BIM Framework guidance overview
  • Main changes between BIM Level 2 and ISO 19650 

Andy Boutle, Head of Digital Construction, ALEC

  • Examining the benefits and challenges of IoT integration in building automation and management systems.
  • Discussing the scalability and interoperability of IoT devices in smart building environments.
  • Exploring innovative IoT applications for enhancing occupant experience and energy efficiency.

Paul Drosihn, General Manager, DALI Alliance 

  • Significance of MMC
  • Role of Dubai Municipality
  • Building Systems Categories 

Eng. Meera Alameri, Head of Research and Building System Approval, Dubai Municipality

  • Emphasizing the importance of acoustic comfort in people-centric smart building design.
  • Discussing technologies such as sound masking systems, active noise cancellation, and acoustic design principles that create a quiet and comfortable environment. 

Ali Aurangzeb, Principal Acoustic Consultant, WSP Middle East

  • Highlighting the role of smart technologies in monitoring and maintaining high indoor air quality (IAQ) for occupant health and well-being.
  • Discussing technologies such as advanced filtration systems, IAQ sensors, and ventilation controls that contribute to a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Azmi S.Aboulhoda, CEO, EMergy 

Day 3 | 18 January 2024

  • Highlighting the State Property Agency's Shift from Virtual to Real.
  • Managing a Significant Real Estate Portfolio: 43,000 Assets Valued at 62 billion Euros.
  • Preserving Italy's Beauty and Heritage through Digitalization. 

Piero Pelizzaro, Head of the National Innovation Hub for Public Buildings, Italian State Property Agency

  • Pioneering MEP Modular Solutions- Why Go Modular?
  • Key Integration Considerations for Architecture and Structure
  • MEP Modular Riser Integration into the Building
  • Drainage Riser Mitigation Measures in Staggered Arrangement Scenario
  • Crafting MEP Connections: Off-Site Fabrication and On-Site Assembly
  • Mechanical Module Design Overview
  • Plumbing Module Design Overview
  • Electrical Module Design Overview
  • The Path Forward

Imran Sheikh, Associate Director & Head of Mechanical, Ramboll

  • Explore how robust technologies shape the future of the smart homes industry.
  • Emphasize the importance of using the right technology for seamless device and application integration in smart homes, catering to the needs of owners.
  • Introduce the KNX ecosystem as a benchmark in the industry, prioritizing future-proof technology, security, interoperability, openness, a unified ecosystem, and sustainability.

Casto Cañavate Fernandez, Marketing Team Leader, KNX Association

Speakers from the 2024 edition

"I have enjoyed my entire time during the show, discussing topics around sustainability and the built environment, renewable alternatives for reducing energy load and so on. The venue created here is amazing with very High Quality speakers, excellent content some really innovative solutions showcased by exhibitors."

"We have met with some very high level decision and policy makers at this show. The show turn-out has been fantastic. The visitor profile is of top quality including decision makers, government authorities, industry leaders and experts who can make a change in the society and infrastructure to make our planet a better place to live in."