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Light + Intelligent Building Middle East 2023

Enlightened Futures: How Responsibility Will Guide the Future of Light and Buildings

Presented by Light + Intelligent Building Middle East, a distinguished chapter of the global Light + Building brand organized by Messe Frankfurt worldwide.

Rooted in the rich architectural heritage of the Middle East and Africa and driven by the innovative spirit of tomorrow, "Enlightened Futures" encapsulates a unique vision for our region's luminous landscapes and intelligent infrastructures. Drawing inspiration but charting its distinct path separate from the parent Light + Building 2024 show in Frankfurt, this theme emphasizes the integral role of responsibility in shaping our built environment.

Our Vision

With 'Enlightened Futures,' we aim to offer a regional platform where design ethos, technological advancements, and sustainable practices converge. Our objective is to spotlight innovations that not only elevate architectural beauty but also resonate with the ethos of responsibility, setting the stage for a brighter and smarter MEA.

Key Pillars of 'Enlightened Futures'

Exhibition Highlights Aligned with our Pillars

Innovative Lighting

The Exhibition

A curated showcase of regional and international players presenting cutting-edge solutions and designs, each echoing our pillars, melding tradition with innovation.



A convergence of global thought leaders discussing the nuances where lighting design meets responsibility. Explore themes from urban illumination to sustainable practices, crafting beauty with conscience in cities, art, technology, and the business of lighting. 



Celebrating the avant-garde. Those challenging conventions, introducing ground-breaking lighting techniques, design innovations, and tech solutions that are shaping the MEA's architectural tapestry.

The Awards

The Awards

Recognizing excellence within our pillars. From visionary lighting solutions and transformative lighting design projects to the region's outstanding manufacturer or supplier, we celebrate the best.

Smart Building Summit

Smart Building Summit

An intersection of technology and regional sensibilities, spotlighting the trends, challenges, and solutions defining the MEA's intelligent building narrative.

Embarking on a Regional Journey

  • Witness Tomorrow, today: Experience firsthand the innovations that cater specifically to the MEA's unique architectural spirit and challenges, heralding a brighter, smarter future.
  • Engage & Collaborate: Interact with industry pioneers, designers, and tech innovators, opening doors to new partnerships and growth avenues.
  • Learn & Get Inspired: Through a rich tapestry of dialogues, showcases, and workshops, immerse yourself in the trends and practices that will define the MEA's architectural future.

Join us on this journey, as we weave the tapestry of the Middle East and Africa's enlightened architectural future.

Here’s what experts are saying about our 2024 show theme

With creative power comes great responsibility.

Now is the time to consider the wider world and take responsibility for how we impact it.

Enlightened Futures in Lighting encompass the imaginative fusion of art, science, data, and experiences to forge a delightful and sustainable future promoting well-being. Achieving this vision necessitates a boundary-pushing, collective collaboration from the entire design community, regardless of their specific sector.

With so many exciting new possibilities in the realm of lighting, enlightened futures have to be created and built instead of just being predicted. And the only way we can create a meaningfully enlightened future is by making ourselves responsible for it.