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Light + Intelligent Building Middle East - Ambient Communication

Discover Ambient Communication Workshop

Ambient Communication is a new way of driving human behaviour with light. It is an extra layer that can be added to the lighting designers scope to enable greater control over the creation of responsive and interactive content for dynamic lighting systems.  This can enhance not only the meaning and context for the use of these systems but also provide a solid business case for their inclusion for both the client and the designers.

This unique experience at Light + Intelligent Building Middle East 2024 demonstrated how connected and real-time lighting can impact human behaviour and bring new value to building owners, operators and designers. 

What is Ambient Communication?

Ambient communication uses real-time data feeds linked to generative content engines. These graphics control lighting, projections and LED screens simultaneously. It allows spaces to sense and to respond to people, events and data in a rich and automated way. You can create engaging and experiential spaces with purpose, use it to aid way-finding, to inform and to drive positive actions or to harness its creative freedom for sustainability and wellness.