light.ication v4.0

Where light meets education. Following the previous 3 editions of light.ication, we are very excited to announce Light.icationv4.0.

About light.ication v4.0

The word Light.ication, means` Lighting Design through Education. As an initiative, Light.ication was founded by Sakina Dugawalla, Design Director & Founder @Light.Func. It aims to encourage mentorship & creativity through the peer lighting design community in opening the eyes of university and college students on the creative and technical characteristics of lighting design. Experienced Lighting Design studios act as mentors in giving their time to create the installations with students, putting the whole industry up for a session of fun, stress, creative acumen and of course, collaboration. We are forever grateful to everyone who has been a huge supporter and aim to go further this year. to name but a few, the likes of CD+M, Nathan Savage Lighting Design, DPA, Heba Hani Lighting Design, LW, Studio Lumen, Delta Lighting Consultants, DTS & Nulty+; without forgetting the universities, Heriot-Watt, AUD, Manipal University, PSU and Zayed University, not forgetting  during the first edition, Canadian University.


A Dual theme for 2019

Every year, a theme is selected for Light.ication. For this year, will be based on a dual theme, the UAE’s Year of Tolerance and the Women In Lighting project. As we progress in society, this year's theme of the UAE's mission is to "highlight the impact of tolerance, and to expand the scope and opportunities for communication and dialogue". The WIL initiative, "is not about gender inequality but about inclusivity and how this is beneficial to the profession as a whole." This year, the initiative has been opened up globally, and participants will be required to use the Light.ication initiative to translate their concept of the above two topics, by explaining it through a journey of light.

As we educate the Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers of tomorrow, the Light.ication initiative will transform the design thinking of these students who will one day be responsible for the development of our nation, and theirs.

We invite you all to join this initiative by getting in touch with, where a brief will be shared, and teams can be registered, and confirmed.  The installations will then be displayed digitally at Light Middle East 2019 to experience the installations first hand at the Light.ication pavilion.

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